Technical assistance & advice

For AIT Ingredients, an ingredient solution is not limited to supplying a product. It also includes support and services such as on-site technical advice and assistance.

The Perfeckt Center’s formulators and bakers are able to advise and assist customers in their choice of ingredients, quantities required, improving their formulas and much more.

In addition, a team of advisory technicians, bakers by training, is also able to work directly at the customer’s premises to assist them with adjusting their process or solving any problems.

Specialists in bread-making or milling, our technical advisors travel throughout France as well as abroad to assist you with all your applications (fresh, frozen, wrapped, etc.).

Services & Expertises


    Equipped with a laboratory and with a baking center, we analyze permanently thanks to our team of technicians and bakers the quality and the regularity of wheat, flours and finished products.

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    Naturalness and Clean Label
    Nutrition / Balanced diets
    Organic products

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  • International baking challenge

    AIT Ingredients honours craft bakers and their business by organising an international baking challenge.