Grande Sélection and Saveur 2 en 1

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AIT Ingredient meets the expectations of craft bakers' taste and convenience with its ranges Grande Sélection and Saveur 2 en 1.

Deshydrated Grande Sélection sourdoughs can be used in a number of applications: puff pastries, catering, pizzas, biscuits, croissants, cakes and brioches… and help you create even tastier products which meet your customers’ expectations.


NEW 2015

Grande Sélection n°7 "Buckwheat Inspiration"

Fermented flour that highlights the tangy / malted notes of buckwheat. A traditional and sweet flavour that goes with many types of traditional breads and snacks.


Wheat Grande Sélection n°2
Rye Grande Sélection n°3
Germ Grande Sélection n°5

Saveur 2 en 1 products are mainly composed of deshydrated sourdoughs and yeast. They are easy to use: add only flour, water and salt. You will give an exceptional taste to your baguettes, recalling ancient traditional breads, which be kept for a long time.

Saveur 2 en 1 Classique
• Saveur 2 en 1 Intense 

All references are available in 1kg bag, over-packed in a box of 8 bags.

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Grande Sélection and Saveur 2en1