Cereal ingredients

A spectrum of tastes and colours to personalise your products

You are looking for conventional or organic tastes, textures or colours? You want to amaze your customers by offering them products high in fibres or meeting their nutritional requirements (wheat germ, etc.)? 

Ask us! Our wide range of cereal ingredients offers numerous possibilities for your bread, morning goods, biscuits, cakes and catering products.

Crust and crumb color.
Roasted aromatic notes.
Sweet or caramelised tastes.

Original decorations, wholemeal cereals. 
Specific ingredients, inclusions. 
Crunchy effect.

Decorations or inclusions. 
Wide choice on request. 
Meticulous sourcing.

Multi-cereal bread. 
Dusting, decorations. 
Customized blends.

Biscuits, confectionery, catering, snacks, grocery, pet food, etc.

Product solutions

Bread-making improvers

For every product issue, a technical solution.

Sourdoughs and fermented flours
Technological ingredients

Effective technical solutions to boost your performance

Mixes and premixes

Easy to use solutions for a wide range of tastes

Cereal ingredients

A range of tastes and flavours to give your product that personal touch

Nutritional ingredients

Healthy, effective ingredients, naturally!




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