A few examples Composition Benefits
les P’tits Cakes Encore Meilleurs Several references
Lemon, caramel, chocolate..
A wide range of simple mixes to be used for delicious cakes
Délice Touchoco 100% Free of flavorings and colorings,
100% pure chocolate
A true creative base for cakes, brownies, fondant cakes…
Plain génoise cake 100% Slight vanilla flavor Fine and light texture, holds well to cutting
Crèmes pâtissières Many references
Hot, cold, special cooking… 
A full range of custard mixes adapted

Product solutions

Bread-making improvers

For every product issue, a technical solution.

Sourdoughs and fermented flours
Technological ingredients

Effective technical solutions to boost your performance

Mixes and premixes

Easy to use solutions for a wide range of tastes

Cereal ingredients

A range of tastes and flavours to give your product that personal touch

Nutritional ingredients

Healthy, effective ingredients, naturally!




Plant Baking