Nutritional ingredients

Healthy, effective ingredients, naturally!

In their quest for healthy, flavour-packed products, consumers attach increasing importance to the origin and naturalness of ingredients that are in their food.

Our experience in formulation and your specific needs enable us to help you with choosing and using the right nutritional ingredients for your products.

Choose the best for your customers :
A range of effective nutritionally rich ingredients, for successful products: texture, softness, shelf-life...

  • Alternative to additives
  • Guaranteed plant origin
  • 100% natural nutritional power

Of 100% natural origin, ingredients in the VitalMalt range are produced by a controlled malting process that develops specific enzyme activities.

Representing less than 3% of the weight of the wheat grain, the germ is the part with the most nutrients. Its high lipid content makes it liable to oxidation: it needs to be properly stabilised in order to keep its properties.

The bran from grain is particularly high in insoluble fibres. They play a part in the feeling of fullness and the healthy working of the digestive system.

Ingredients in the VitalGlucane range are obtained by the selective abrasion of barley grains to separate the layer that is highest in beta-glucans.

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Nutritional ingredients

Healthy, effective ingredients, naturally!




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