Sourdoughs and fermented flours

A tasty selected range !

AIT Ingredients, specialists in the wheat/flour/bread chain, completes its offer of tasty solutions (pre-mixes and concentrates for breads, buns and pastries; cereal ingredients, etc.) with a complete range of bread-making sourdoughs ("deshydrated sourdoughs").

To develop this offer, the company has capitalized on the many strengths of the Soufflet Group to which it belongs: 
• Production of key raw materials (wheat, barley, malts, roasted flours)
• Acknowledged know-how in formulation for bread-making, sensory analysis
• Expertise in fermenting and selecting strains, OSIRIS research programmes
• New plant specifically dedicated to the production of sourdoughs only in France


Some examples of listed products and applications: 

Wheat selection no. 1: a mild wheat sourdough, with milky and cereal notes, which heightens the taste of butter in buns and adds a delicate cereal flavour to baguette-type breads.

Rye selection no. 3: an aromatic rye sourdough, with a touch of acidity, fruity and toasted notes, adding an authentic and gourmet flavour, goes perfectly with rustic or sandwich bread recipes.

Grande Sélection N°6 "METEIL inspiration": fermented flour made from a combination of rye and wheat for toasted / cocoa and honey notes. An ideal signature for rustic farmhouse-type and multigrain breads.

Grande Sélection N°7 "BUCKWHEAT inspiration": fermented flour that highlights the tangy / malted notes of buckwheat. A traditional and sweet flavour that goes with many types of traditional breads and snacks.

These sourdoughs are available in powder ("deshydrated") or liquid form to adapt to our Bakery and Pastry-making clients' production methods. The "Grande Sélection" range offers a wide choice of aromatic notes and tasty flavours to give your products their unique signature.

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Sourdoughs and fermented flours
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