Perfeckt Center

The Perfeckt Centre is at Corbeil-Essonnes, in Greater Paris, at AIT Ingredients’s headquarters.

The test bakery is equipped with the main types of machinery (mixers, pastry brakes, provers and ovens) enabling all production conditions to be recreated, from craft to plant production.

The Baking Centre enables our team of formulators to work on developing new ingredient solutions and personalised products for our customers. Numerous bread-making tests are also conducted every day by a team of baker-technicians, to check the consistency and quality of finished products.

AIT Ingredients also uses the skills of chefs and culinary experts for specific applications (such as catering products and sauces).

Additionally, it is possible to give demonstrations and training sessions at the Perfeckt Center.

Services & Expertises


    Equipped with a laboratory and with a baking center, we analyze permanently thanks to our team of technicians and bakers the quality and the regularity of wheat, flours and finished products.

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    Naturalness and Clean Label
    Nutrition / Balanced diets
    Organic products

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  • International baking challenge

    AIT Ingredients honours craft bakers and their business by organising an international baking challenge.