In their search for healthy, tasty products, modern consumers attach increasing importance to the origin of the ingredients used to produce their food.

Today, consumers no longer wish to have to choose between taste and balanced nutrition.
They are no longer prepared to buy food products which lack taste on the grounds that they are healthier. The ongoing quest for taste satisfaction goes hand in glove with a search for nutritional quality.

Today, no segment of the food market can escape the organic phenomenon.

Far from being simply a fad, organic foods meet a clear demand expressed by a number of consumers for more environmentally friendly food, and a return to a simpler way of life (1 French person in 4 today consumes organic products).

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    Equipped with a laboratory and with a baking center, we analyze permanently thanks to our team of technicians and bakers the quality and the regularity of wheat, flours and finished products.

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    Naturalness and Clean Label
    Nutrition / Balanced diets
    Organic products

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  • International baking challenge

    AIT Ingredients honours craft bakers and their business by organising an international baking challenge.