Our Business

A real source of fresh ideas to provide optimal added value for our plant and distributor customers, AIT Ingredients designs, produces and markets ingredients for the food industry, and more particularly for the milling and bread-making industries.

Positioned on the milling, bakery-morning goods, confectionery and catering product markets, AIT Ingredients offers technological ingredients (such as enzymes and malted wheat flour), numerous cereal ingredients (malted, roasted, blends of seeds, etc.), improvers (for flour; for bread, pastry, morning goods and catering products), and flour mixes (Mixes and Concentrates) used for making a wide range of special breads and pastries.

Services & Expertises


    Equipped with a laboratory and with a baking center, we analyze permanently thanks to our team of technicians and bakers the quality and the regularity of wheat, flours and finished products.

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    Naturalness and Clean Label
    Nutrition / Balanced diets
    Organic products

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  • International baking challenge

    AIT Ingredients honours craft bakers and their business by organising an international baking challenge.