Soufflet Group

Because it is part of the Soufflet Group, AIT Ingredients benefits from the expertise of a major food group, specialising in cereals and their primary processing.

A key operator in Europe and world-wide, the Group is a major player in cereal trading, milling, malting, rice, pulses, maize processing and products for agriculture and wine making.

With the Group’s massive malting and roasting capacities (more than twenty malt plants world-wide), AIT Ingredients is in a position to develop and offer a broad palette of malted/roasted ingredients, giving taste and colour to numerous food products.

Through Soufflet Biotechnologies based near Caen (in Normandy, France), AIT Ingredients benefits from its unique expertise in producing enzymes for bread-making. Based on the innovative concept of solid state fermentation, it produces more concentrated, non-GM enzyme solutions.

Lastly, the Group’s supremacy in the wheat-flour-bread sector for more than a hundred years allows AIT Ingredients to benefit from a total understanding of the needs of the bread-making industry and its consumer customers.

Services & Expertises


    Equipped with a laboratory and with a baking center, we analyze permanently thanks to our team of technicians and bakers the quality and the regularity of wheat, flours and finished products.

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    Naturalness and Clean Label
    Nutrition / Balanced diets
    Organic products

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  • International baking challenge

    AIT Ingredients honours craft bakers and their business by organising an international baking challenge.