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Find out about wheat flour quality and the initial breadmaking tests conducted with the very first samples of the year. This will provide you with the correction advice in just a few minutes, to plan for your supplies as soon as possible.
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Flash info blé – Argentine Sud 2023-2024 UK
Wheat quality news flash
Argentina South 2023/2024
Wheat quality news flash – Argentina Center 2023/2024
Wheat quality news flash
Argentina Center 2023/2024
Wheat quality news flash – Argentina North 2023/2024
Wheat quality news flash
Argentina North 2023/2024
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Any questions about correcting your wheat flour?


How can you correct or improve your flours this year? We analyse your flour samples to offer you the best solution based on your applications, your geographic location (climate) and your production facilities.


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About the AIT Ingredients wheat quality survey


Every year, it’s a real race against time to provide you with the new wheat quality trends for the new harvests as fast as possible. Our agronomist partners take wheat samples from the very first harvests straight from the silos and send them to us as quickly as possible. When they reach us, our laboratory experts analyse the first flour samples. Then, our bakers perform breadmaking tests to identify the improver and corrector solutions to be used. The results are recorded in news flashes and quality overviews to offer our customers correction solutions as soon as possible. This helps them plan for their orders and best deal with the continuity of their production.

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