Legal notice

I – Legal notice

Website (hereinafter the “Website”):

Publisher (hereinafter the “Publisher” or “AIT”): AGRO INGREDIENTS TECHNOLOGY – AIT, a French simplified joint stock company with a capital of €271,566, whose registered office is located at 7, Quai de l’Apport Paris, 91100 Corbeil-Essonnes. Registered in the Evry Trade and Companies Register under number 545 650 202. Represented by Laurent Bonnard in his capacity as Chairman.

Telephone number: 7 Quai de l’Apport Paris – 91 100 CORBEIL ESSONNES

Email address:


Director of publication: Laurent Bonnard


Design and production: Cyberscope, a company registered in the Niort Trade and Companies Register under number 403 245 947.
Cyberscope’s registered office is located at 118 rue Philippe Lebon, 85000, La Roche sur Yon.


Host (hereinafter the “Host”): Azure

This Website is hosted on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform. It is geographically located in Microsoft’s Western European data centre in the Netherlands.
For more information, please refer to:



1 – Purpose and acceptance of the General terms and conditions of use (“GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE”)

AIT has created the Website to inform the User about its activity and to give the User the possibility to contact our teams to send them any proposals the User may deem useful.

The conditions for accessing and using the Website are subject to compliance with these General Terms and Conditions of Use.

The General Terms and Conditions of Use are concluded for an indefinite period starting from the first use of the Website. They take effect as soon as the User begins to browse the Website.

By accessing this Website, the User acknowledges that they have read these General Terms and Conditions of Use and that they accept them as contractually binding.

It is not possible to refuse or accept these terms and conditions partially. If you do not wish to accept all or part of these General Terms and Conditions of Use, you are requested to refrain from using the Website and the services offered therein.


2 – Definitions

For the purposes of the performance and interpretation of these Terms and Conditions of Use, words or expressions beginning with a capital letter shall have the following meaning:

  • General Terms and Conditions of Use”: Means this document which defines the rules and conditions applicable to the use of the Website.
  • Publication Director”: Refers to the Website’s publication director, as indicated in the Website’s Legal Notice, within the meaning of the French Law no. 2004-575 of 21 June 2004 on Confidence in the Digital Economy.
  • Publisher” or “Website Publisher” or “AIT”: Refers to the person responsible for the publication of the Website, as indicated in the Website’s Legal Notice, within the meaning of the French Law no. 2004-575 of 21 June 2004 on Confidence in the Digital Economy.
  • Host”: Refers to the host of the Website, as indicated in the Website’s Legal Notice, within the meaning of the French Law no. 2004-575 of 21 June 2004 on Confidence in the Digital Economy
  • Website”: Refers to the website accessible at
  • User(s)”: Refers to the natural person(s) browsing the Website and/or using the services offered on the Website.


3 – Website content – Website management

The Website is a showcase website that gives the User information on AIT‘s activity. Under no circumstances should Users expect any other service from this Website.

The information contained on the Website is provided for information purposes only. In particular, the photographs of products, accompanying their description, are not contractual and cannot hold AIT liable, including in the event of any damage resulting from their interpretation and/or their use.

The information and documents directly posted on the Website may contain technical inaccuracies and/or typographical errors.

AIT reserves the right at any time, without prior notice to the User, to:

  • modify, interrupt or limit temporarily or permanently all or part of the Website, delete or modify any information that could disrupt its operation or contravenes national or international laws, or the rules of Netiquette;
  • suspend the Website in order to carry out updates.


4 – Contact form

AIT provides the Users of the Website with a contact form. This form allows the User to send us requests.

In case such requests concern a matter relating to personal data (as defined in the Privacy policy) please write to the following email address directly

The personal data entered in the form will only be used to respond to the User’s requests. For further information, please refer to the privacy policy available HERE

In any case, AIT cannot be held liable for the incorrect completion of this form. It is the User’s responsibility to fill in the relevant fields with the correct information so that the request can be completed.


5 – Personal data protection – Cookie management

The personal data protection and cookie management policy is available HERE


6 – Liability

6.1 – Liability of the Publisher

The Publisher cannot be held liable in the event of a failure, breakdown, operating difficulty or interruption, preventing access to the Website or to one of its features.

The Publisher cannot be held liable in the event of legal proceedings against the User:

  • as a result of using the Website or any service accessible via the Internet;
  • due to the User’s failure to comply with these General Terms and Conditions of Use.

The Publisher is not liable for any damage, whatever its nature, caused to the User, to third parties and/or to the User’s equipment as a result of their connection to or use of the Website. The User agrees to waive any right to commence any action against the Publisher in this respect.

If the Publisher were to be the subject of amicable or legal proceedings as a result of the use of the Website, the Publisher may take action against the User to obtain compensation for any direct and/or indirect damages, sums, convictions and costs, whatever their nature, which may arise from these proceedings.

In any case, AIT may be held liable only for facts that are directly attributable to it in its capacity as the Publisher of the Website.


6.2 – Liability of the User

The equipment used by the User to connect to the Website is under the User’s sole responsibility. It is the responsibility of the User to take all necessary measures to protect their own equipment and data, in particular against virus attacks.

The use of the Website and its content is under the sole and entire responsibility of the User, who alone assumes all the consequences that may result from it. AIT cannot be held liable for any of these consequences and no claim may be made against it.

The User is solely responsible for the information they communicate from the Website.
In the event of abnormal use or illicit operation of the Website, the User is solely responsible for any damage caused to third parties and for the consequences of any claims or actions that may result from this.
The User also waives any right to make any claims against AIT in the event of legal action taken by a third party against them as a result of the illicit use and/or operation of the Website.

The User undertakes, in general, to comply with all the regulations in force.


7 – Intellectual property

All of the content presented on the Website (in particular the Website’s architecture and graphic charter, as well as the trademarks, logos, graphics, drawings, photographs, animations, videos and texts contained on the Website, as well as the computer codes of the elements that make it up, and any downloadable document, etc.) is the sole and exclusive property of the Publisher and/or of the controlled companies of the Soufflet Group within the meaning of the provisions of Article L.233-3 of the French Commercial Code.


The Website and each of its components are protected by copyright and/or other intellectual property rights and/or related rights, and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, broadcast, represented, downloaded, modified, edited, re-used, re-addressed or operated in any way and on any medium whatsoever without the prior written authorisation of the holders of the intellectual property rights concerned. In particular, any total or partial unauthorised reproduction of the elements contained on the Website, protected by copyright, is likely to constitute an infringement under Article L.335-2 of the French Intellectual Property Code. Any total or partial unauthorised reproduction of the trademarks and/or logos on the Website constitutes an infringement punishable under Articles L.713-2 et seq. of the French Intellectual Property Code.


Access to the Website does not constitute recognition of any intellectual property right or related right for the benefit of the User. AIT grants permission to the Users of the Website only to view the Website.


8 – Hyperlinks

The Website may contain links to other sites owned by third parties. The presence of such links in no way implies that AIT approves, confirms or agrees with the contents of these websites or that AIT is associated with the administrators, authors or hosts of these websites.


This authorisation does not constitute an implicit agreement of affiliation, a recommendation contract, a contract for purchasing advertising space or any other partnership or contract, implicit or otherwise, between AIT and the User.


This authorisation is granted on a non-exclusive basis and may be revoked at any time, without AIT having to provide any justification, and on the express condition that the link(s) inserted does not cause any harm whatsoever to the Website and/or to AIT. Under this authorisation, AIT reserves the right to object and to moderate.


In any case, any link, even if implicitly authorised, must be withdrawn without delay at the first request of AIT, without the Publisher having to provide any justification.


9 – Entirety of the General Terms and Conditions of Use :

These General Terms and Conditions of Use represent the entire agreement between the User of the Website and AIT.

If any part of these General Terms and Conditions of Use is found to be void, invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the term or terms in question shall be declared null and void and the remaining terms shall remain in full force and effect and shall continue to apply. The terms declared null and void would then be replaced by the terms that most closely resemble the content and meaning of the annulled clause.


10 – Photo credits

The photos used on the Website are the exclusive property of AIT acting under the following trademarks: Perfeckt, Grand Chef, Parisette, Grande Sélection. Any unauthorised re-use may give AIT the right to compensation.


11 – Applicable law – Language

The official language of these General Terms and Conditions of Use is French. In case of any difference, inconsistency or conflict between this version and the translated version, the French version shall take precedence.

These General Terms and Conditions of Use and the relationship between AIT and the users shall be governed by French law. Any dispute that cannot be settled by mutual agreement shall be brought before the competent courts of Paris, subject to a specific allocation of jurisdiction arising from a particular legal or regulatory text.