Our NORTHERN EUROPE teams are based at different sites in France:

– The offices in Corbeil-Essonnes, accommodating our sales, R&D, marketing, administration, and accounting-management teams

– The factory in Creil, where operators produce a selection of our products (improvers, correctors, mixes and premixes)

– The factory in Aizenay, where other products are made (cereal ingredients)

– The factory in Colombelles, where some of our enzymes and our sourdoughs are produced.

With all of our activities therefore present in France, we are able to rapidly and effectively meet the needs of our customers.

Our premises in Corbeil-Essonnes include a test bake-house, which enables us both to work in partnership on projects with our customers and to offer training on topics specific to our professional environment. Our expert bakers can also come to you, to provide support, advice and guidance concerning your production lines and find solutions to your problems and needs.

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AIT Ingrédients

7 Quai de l’Apport Paris,

91100 Corbeil Essonnes


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Des services personnalisés pour vous accompagner tout au long de la filière
Our Wheat Quality Survey provide you with a preview of the quality trends for new wheat varieties, as well as adapted ingredient solutions.
Technical support
Our expert bakers will support you on your production lines to help you to optimise your processes and meet market needs.
Discover our brand-new VITAL VEGGY PROTEIN + CL premix produced using a pulse flour to make protein-enriched breads! Diversify your offer easily with this new solution!

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