Bring a unique experience to your products with our sourdoughs!

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Discover our 2 new fermented flours!

  • Grande Sélection Spelt: 

Discover our new spelt fermented flour made from wheat bran & spelt flour !

  • Grande Sélection Durum :

Bring a unique taste signature to your products thanks to our new durum fermented flour!

Grande Sélection, a brand with unique advantages :

  1. -A wide range of aromatic ingredients (dry, liquid) and cereals
  2. -A unique R&D expertise
  3. -A group of expert panellists characterize each sourdough, using an aromatic wheel specially developed by our sensory analysis department, in collaboration with R&D and bakery technicians.
  4. -A recognized know-how in the industry
  5. -A selection of the best varieties

Our sourdoughs are specially formulated by our R&D team, experts in fermentation, to meet consumer expectations and simplify their incorporation into your recipes.

Do you want to know more about our soudoughs? Contact us!