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Ask our cost killers with our SAVE UP solutions!

Against a backdrop of general inflation
For many months now, we have been experiencing price inflation for all raw materials and finished products in our industry. Against this backdrop, AIT Ingredients is positioning itself as a partner for its customers and consumers, providing solutions that save money at every level!

SAVE UP: AIT Ingredients' new concept
Discover AIT Ingredients' brand new concept: SAVE UP! This concept brings together all AIT Ingredients' solutions for achieving savings on 3 levels:

  • Supply: We offer technical solutions to optimize your raw materials.
  • Process: Our solutions enable you to improve your yield.
  • End-customer: Some of our solutions can reduce your end-customer's processing costs.

FLOUR BOOST: The ingredient that keeps your flour fresher longer
FLOUR BOOST is our latest ingredient innovation for millers! This enzymatic solution saves millers money, thanks to its 3 main applications:

  • Correction of aged wheat
  • Prevention
  • Volume gain

By correcting or preventing the aging of wheat, AIT Ingredients enables you to reduce losses linked to the storage of wheat or old flour. By limiting the effects of aging, your flour and products will be of consistent quality. Last but not least, FLOUR BOOST also helps to increase the volume of your finished products when used on fresh flour.

BAKE XPRESS: The solution for reducing the final baking time of your baguettes
Discover our BAKE XPRESS solutions, enabling your customers to save on the final baking time of pre-baked frozen baguettes! Our BAKE XPRESS solutions are effective on a variety of processes: whether you're making pre-cooked baguettes on net or laminated baguettes, BAKE XPRESS can save you money! In fact, by reducing the final baking time of your products by up to 30%, you save not only energy and time, but also the environment! Save money without compromising on the appearance and quality of your products, thanks to our solutions!

Unique know-how and support
Our team of technical experts knows your market needs and challenges inside out. They'll work with you to adapt your own recipes to our ingredients, and help you implement them on your production lines!
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